Papros rolls out securetized blockchain features for supply chain data sharing and tracking in the supply chain


Papros Inc, a leader in permissioned blockchain/sidechain technology and in hybrid multicloud platforms for effective supply chain data transactions released a universal platform for securitized data gathering and tracking. It advanced its blockchain offering, pSSchain2 to pS3chain2 (pronounced Sthree-chain-square or the Sthree chain) to seal supply chain instruments such as CMRTs (Conflict Mineral reporting Template), supply chain compliance data, for part numbers authentication, obsolescence management, part change notices and supply chain movement mapping for parts by including various levels of permissioning by using security layers.

Anyone can check the authenticity of the source data if they are in possession of it, but the chain allows viewership of the original data only through deciphering of the optionally encrypted data, the key for which can only be got from the originator of the instrument. This is a big deal because different types of data have different levels of importance vis-a-vis who is allowed access to it, so security layers offer additional layers of protection to the open blockchain, especially when the originator of the instrument has control over the levels of security that can be enforced on each instrument being recorded.

Papros the company behind the popular supply chain offering MRPRO(TM), the platform known universally as being the “Best Conflict Minerals platform”. Although there are many imitators and false claims to such a title, the intrinsic power of MRPRO(TM)- it uses advances AJAX technology to be able to roll up tens of thousands of suppliers information seamlessly and the fact that it is freely licensed to the end user means that at times like this, when the entire world is facing a dangerous economic slowdown, MRPRO(TM) still enables companies to continue to relentlessly fight for human rights and dignity everywhere in the world, particularly in areas where conflict minerals are mined.

pS3 chain is a permissioned securetized supply chain sidechain solution for instantaneously, securely, immutably and verifiably recording supply chain instruments, for discrete authentication, for automated compliance filters and other data synchronization.